If you like to cook, our kitchen is fully equipped and ready for you! And there are several interesting and specialty grocery stores and markets nearby. These are a few favorites.
Providore Fine Foods
9 minute walk / Directions
European market with a butcher shop, bakery, wine selection, cheeses, prepared foods and fresh produce.
Photo: Providore
Whole Foods
10 minute walk / Directions
Small but very well-stocked Whole Foods grocery store.
Photo: Whole Foods
Wellspent Market
10 minute walk / Directions
Specialty pantry items from around the world. Most aren’t available anywhere else in Portland. They also have a lot of cool food-related events.
Photo: Wellspent Market
Flying Fish
12 minute walk / Directions
The best fish market in Portland—with a big focus on working directly with small, sustainable fsihers. Also has a great cafe menu.
Photo: Flying Fish
Laurelhurst Market
15 minute walk / Directions
This restaurant also has a fantastic butcher shop with high quality, hard to find meats.
Photo: Laurelhurst Market
Sheridan Market
5 minute drive / Directions
Portland’s oldest operating grocery store has good prices, hard-to-find items and a great butcher shop.
Photo: Sheridan's Market
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