other nearby spots​​​​​​​
Laurelhurst Theater
8 minute walk / Directions
Small local theater. You can get pizza and beer here to enjoy while you watch the latest movies.
Photo: Laurelhurst Theater
Circuit Bouldering Gym
6 minute walk / Directions
A great bouldering gym with a fun kids bouldering area.
Photo: Circuit Bouldering Gym
Buckman Playground
6 minute walk / Directions
A great playground next to a school featuring two levels with a big slide connecting them, black top and covered basketball court.
DaVinci Playground
7 minute walk / Directions
A playground next to a school with swings, black top and basketball court.
Music Millennium
15 minute walk / Directions
Ryan’s favorite record shop.
Photo: Music Millennium
Knot Springs
7 minute drive / Directions
Get a massage and enjoy the incredible soaking pools. Located in a high rise building overlooking the city. Enjoy a kombucha and relax!
Photo: Knot Springs
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